Happy Tails

Happy Tails

Since 2007 Fur Ever Paws has been helping bring rescued shelter dogs and people together to create some amazing Happy Tails… Here are a few of them.

If you’d like to see your dog featured here or on our Facebook page, visit us on Facebook and send us a message. We’ll see what we can do about featuring your happy tail here on the website. Not all dogs pictures/stories can be featured here.

  • 3 yrs later.. Approx. birth 12/06/12 called…”Dallas” (once called Spencer) I had picked him up in a foster home in DE. He is a fabulous dog and Buddy. He Loves Me, his Ball and Agility, and excels in this sport. So many agility competitors have asked about him and his breed. He is admired for his good physical look.
    He is very healthy, (about 40-42lbs) and 20 1/2″ measured for agility. We love him dearly, and he still lives with his 2 sisters. Our Dalmatian, Hannah 8yrs. and Our Doxie, Rosie now 15 yrs.

    I hope you get this…and enjoy hearing about a puppy saved and landed a “great” home…who will always have whatever is needed.

  • We adopted “Teddy” from you about 4 weeks ago and all we knew about him was he was a terrier mix. Well my boyfriend and I ordered a DNA test and it came back. The results are in! He is a Australian Cattle Dog, German Shepard, and Laborador Retriever mix and we love him to pieces. Thank you so much, it was a great experience finding our little Teddy. He fits right into our family and he loves Roxxy too. Here is a picture for you of our other kids. Thanks again!


  • Just wanted to tell you how much our friends and family have fallen in love with Merle aka Clark . He’s had his first vet visit and he did great! He has fallen in love with our goats, donkeys and pot belly pig. Thank u Sarah, he was totally meant to part of this family!


  • We just wanted to thank Fur Ever Paws for letting us adopt Boomer who is formerly known as Tegan. I believe we got him from Kelly. He has grown so much and is a smart pup. He has brought so much joy to our family and we can’t imagine our days without him. This is Boomer the day after we got him and this is Boomer now who is 7 months!


  • Hey I got Abby in April from Richie. She is a love bug and love her new life. She get it spend a lot of time on boat at the lake.

  • Hi! We adopted our dog from Jim in Syracuse, we would love to see our pictures of her brothers and sisters!
    She was formerly “pebbles” now named Sydney. She was adopted 3/11.


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