Happy Endings

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Have you recently adopted an adorable dog through one of the fosters here at Fur Ever Paws? if so, why not tell us all about it! We always love hearing about how one of our doggies has made a difference in someones life and… you may end up in a future “Feature Story” here on the website. All submissions may be featured on our testimonials page so MORE HERE ABOUT THE PROCESS. – HAPPY DOG PIC


By choosing to submit a story on the Fur Ever Paws (ECAA) website, you acknowledge and agree that any information you provide, including any photo, may be viewed by the general public. You further agree that ECAA may use your story and photo in any manner it deems necessary or appropriate, to include sharing on our Facebook page. We reserve the right to edit, abridge or format stories for any reason and to remove or decline to post any story or photo. ECAA does not endorse or make any warranties or representations with regard to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any of the statements in your story. We cannot guarantee that your story and photo will be posted.
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